Slovakia is waiting for a millennial change!

All referendums, protests and petitions are ineffective, because the state power ignores the requirements of the holder of power, i.e. nation. The Slovak corporate government, whether the current one or the new one that will emerge from the next elections managed and manipulated by the Corporation, is not, and by its very nature will not be able to realize our ideas about our future. That is why municipalities and many experts from all over Slovakia agreed on the text of the Peace Resolution of the Human Referendum Declaration. The goal is to unite the nation on a non-political platform based on ideas that resonate in society for a long time. Resolution at minimal the number of 360 thousand signatories, will become a legally relevant representation of the free will of the nation, under the conditions of the Slovak Republic and international law.

It is time for change ot the system, peace and direct economic cooperation without blackmailable positions and tools such as political parties!

Signing instructions:

  1. Download the file "Peace Resolution of Human Referendum Declaration " (PRHRD).

  2. Print it on both sides.

  3. If you are over 18 years old, fill in the basic information and sign.

  4. On the other (back) side of the document are:
    - Addresses of collection points to which you can personally deliver the Peace Resolution of the Human Referendum, or Send by mail.
    - Supporters - bearers of the idea.

Peace Resolution of Human Referendum Declaration

I, a Man, not a commodity; in the position of the sovereign creator of all human values and needs of Man; aware of inalienable and inviolable Rights and Freedoms given by the Creator and Laws of Nature; living in the Slovak Republic as a free, independent, nation and sovereign State on the European continent; striving with all due respect and responsibility to support Prosperity with all my creative energy, to protect Life, Happiness, Freedom of Family, Kin and Nation and traditions of Culture; fully respecting human rights and freedoms; living together in peace with other peoples in the spirit of kinship, mutual support and assistance;

strongly condemn
the engagement in any military conflict by supplying arms; spread of fear and hatred in the society and among nations; violation of human rights and freedoms by the government and authorities who, by introducing mandatory CoVID-19 testing and mandatory use of face masks, committed crimes of coercion, restraint of personal freedom, bodily harm resulting in death, and unauthorized human experimentation and cloning of a human being pursuant to the provisions of Article 192 par. 1, 4, Article 183 par. 1, Article 156 par. 1, 3 letter c), Article 161 par. 1 letter a) and b), and par. 4 of Act No. 300/2005 Coll. of the Criminal Code. The forced vaccination with dangerous experimental preparations violated all 10 points of the Nuremberg Code and resulted in committing a war crime. Furthermore, I strongly condemn depravities concerning sexuality and gender identity which cause disharmony of nature, family and man as an individual; any mandatory vaccination, the so-called gene therapies and transhumanism. By thwarting the referendum on an early election to the National Council of the Slovak Republic, by apartheid, as well as by abolishing the freedom of speech and expression by an unconstitutional act, the activities of constitutional bodies and the effective use of legal means were rendered impossible, thus destroying the rule of law and the democratic system and establishing a totalitarian regime in the interest of the dictates of the transnational world domination.

I reject
this current criminal political system of a crowd-elitist slave society, blatantly violating laws, the Constitution and conventions on human rights and freedoms, as well as Birthrights, traditions and customs.

I solemnly proclaim:
Based on my free will and pursuant to Article 32 of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, I hereby exercise my right and make a stand. By this act “de jure”, the powers of the presidential office, government, legislative, executive and judicial powers of the Slovak Republic have ceased. I am absolved of any and all political and personal loyalty to any power that is alien and hostile to our free, independent, nation and sovereign State, referring also to the European Convention on Human Rights signed by free sovereign states. “De facto”, I support taking control of the sovereign nation state of the Slovak Republic and the administration of public affairs by electing a new president and forming a new technocratic government with full authority to sign peace agreements and alliance treaties, build trade directly with individual countries and carry out other legal acts reserved by free and independent countries; by choosing – exclusively on the basis of Natural Right and Birthright, from the bottom up, from all regions – such representatives who are professionally and actively competent, of healthy mind, respectable, creative and devoted to a free, independent and sovereign Slovakia; supporting family as the core basis of the Society and State, high level of education, prevention and health care, recovery and development of the economy and other areas of social life, as well as flourishing of humanity using the latest (even classified) scientific knowledge in accordance with nature; honouring national traditions and culture. Furthermore, I support life exclusively without political parties, without the domination of corporations, financial exchanges; a world without wars, without the presence of foreign troops, without non-governmental political profit-making or non-profit organizations, along with the full personal material liability applied retroactively to those employees who, in the name of the State, caused harm to us all Confirmed by my handwritten signature in the presence of witnesses, my proclamation is undisputable. It retains and reserves all inalienable rights and is not subject to revocation by any State Authorities of the current corporation of the Slovak Republic or corporate institutions of the European Union.

We hereby make it known to the whole world that we are prepared to assume control of our homeland, exclusively in accordance with the Natural Right and our Birthright.

FAQ Questions and answers.

1) Who is behind it? ⮟
No political party, no financial entity. It's just common people who are already tired of constant gross violation of the Slovak Constitution, basic human rights and freedoms and is listed on the back of the document in question

2) What happens to the collected signatures? ⮟
All signatures remain in the collection points even after the number of 360,000 collected signatures has been reached. The collection points can be supplemented by active supporters

3) What should happen when 360 thousand signatures are collected? ⮟
It is already the legal basis of the community with a relevant representation of the free will of the Slovak nation, which has the right to initiate communication for peace and direct economic cooperation.

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